All of our packages include…

  • 60 minutes of free-jumping mayhem followed by 30 minutes access to your very own party room
  • A dedicated party host to guide you through all the action – including X-Park, Dodgeball, slam dunk, Free-Jumping Arena and the Big Bag
  • Great food to fuel your crew packed in your very own BOUNCE party box
  • Official BOUNCE grips socks for everyone
  • A FREE Mon-Fri pass for the birthday boy / girl’s next visit
  • Any questions on Kosher or Halaal food options, call our Contact Centre on 011 517 2500
  • Note: Parties must be booked and 50% paid more than seven days before your desired date
  • Don’t want the fun to stop? Call the Contact Centre on 011 517 2500 and ask the Crew how to book an additional hour of Jumping to extend your party!
  • Minimum 10 jumpers required for all party packages

Fourways Children & Kids Parties

Kids will literally jump for joy when you book a party at BOUNCE Fourways. From the Free-Jumping arena to the X-Park adventure challenge course, Slam Dunk and Dodgeball courts, it’s a next-level party playground for kids who want to experience a truly radical birthday.

Ideally suited for kids between 6 & 12yrs old, BOUNCE parties are the best fun your little ones will ever experience! We’ll be on hand to do everything for you. The kids will jump for an hour, before heading to our awesome party rooms where they’ll fill up with some great party packs pre-booked by mum & dad.

In addition to a world full of trampolines, guests get a private party room, catering, and their own awesome party host to supervise activities and make sure everyone has a great time.

Fourways Mall Packages & prices

Simple Pack

R260 per person (on peak)

R230 per person (off peak)

  • Mini hotdog
  • Lightly Salted Lays Chips
  • Salted popcorn 40g
  • 2-finger Kit Kat
  • 500ml water OR 200ml fruit juice box

Basic Kosher Snack Pack

R260 per person (on peak)

R230 per person (off peak)

  • Lightly Salted Lays Chips
  • Fizzer
  • 500ml water OR Apple Liquifruit
  • BYO Kosher party snacks

Snack Pack

R310 per person (on peak)

R280 per person (off peak)

  • Mini hotdog
  • Chicken nuggets 75g
  • Lightly Salted Lays Chips
  • Salted popcorn 40g
  • 4-finger Kit Kat OR 40g Smarties OR Aero
  • 500ml water OR 200ml fruit juice box

Plus Pack

R340 per person (on peak)

R310 per person (off peak)

  • Mini hotdog
  • Chicken nuggets 75g
  • Mini pizzas 50g
  • Lightly Salted Lays Chips
  • Salted popcorn 40g
  • 4-finger Kit Kat OR 40g Smarties OR Aero
  • 500ml water OR 200ml fruit juice box OR 350ml Slush Puppy
  • Free Cappuccino, tea or coffee for all party guests

Health Pack

R350 per person (on peak)

R320 per person (off peak)

  • Fresh sandwich – Cheese & Tomato OR Chicken Mayo
  • Salted popcorn 40g
  • Fruit roll 40g
  • Energy bar 45g
  • 500ml water OR 200ml fruit juice box

Party extras

Extra sweets pack: R35 (Speckled Eggs, Smarties or Aero, assorted mini sweets & 2-finger Kit Kat)
BOUNCE Sticker: R8
BOUNCE Wristband: R10
BOUNCE Bottle: R100
BOUNCE Balloon: R15
BOUNCE Party Bag 1: R25 (includes wristband and stickers)
BOUNCE Party Bag 2: R125 (includes wristband, stickers, and BOUNCE bottle)

Birthday cakes

Ice-Cream Cake: R395 (serves up to 15 kids)
Kosher Chocolate Cake: R200 (serves approximately 20 kids)
Kosher Ice Cream Cake: R520 (Kosher vanilla ice cream cake, 30cm (serves 20 to 25 kids)


Serve approx. 8-10 people. For full description, click here.

Mini Wrap Platter: R450
Mini Filled Croissant Platter: R450
Sandwich Platter: R350
Mooz Sandwich Platter: R380
Mini Donut Platter: R400
Mini Cupcakes: R400
Assorted Biscuits: R400
Fruit Platter: R450
Sweet Platter: R400
Veggie Platter: R350
Hot Snack Platter: R450
Cold Snack Platter: R450

Still have questions? Call our dedicated bookings Contact Centre:

011 517 2500

Parties must be booked more than 7 days before your desired date. A 50% deposit (non-refundable) is required to reserve the date and time of your booking.

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