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Bounce fit for groups

Corporate Wellness – School Coaching Supplement programs- or just a group of friends who want to find a fun way to get fit!

Expertly developed by a combination of exercise specialists, gymnasts and personal trainers – BOUNCE-FIT is a comprehensive fitness program designed to encourage a love for exercise in a fun and exciting space. Perfect for school sport teams who want to provide an excellent fitness regime that the kids look forward to, or a corporate office who want to incorporate a way to get fit and healthy in their employees’ schedules-  our in-house coordinator will work with you to align the experience with your exact coaching objectives and fitness goals.

NASA has described trampolining (or ‘rebound exercise) as the most effective form of exercise devised by man. 10 minutes of jumping can burn as many calories as 33 minutes of running! There are a multitude of proven benefits such as improving overall coordination, strength, flexibility, timing and balance. The trampoline also absorbs up to 80% of the shock – so whether you’re 17 or 70, everybody can get involved.

Speak to our booking team about creating a program that suits your exact needs.

 “The improvement of our hockey girls that attended the 6 week BOUNCE-Fit program was remarkable. They’ve shown so much improvement in their core strength, their agility and their overall fitness. We can see, over short distances, their quick acceleration is something that just picked up so quickly. With every session they would get back into the bus and tell us how they could feel they were getting better at something. Although it was challenging, they still enjoyed it. They can feel themselves getting stronger.”- Clara Rautenbach, Director of Hockey – St. Mary’s DSG, Pretoria

“From the warm and friendly staff at reception to the motivated and skilled instructors, this is the place to be! I started BOUNCE-FIT 3 months ago and try to attend classes at least 3 times a week. As of now, I have lost 22.9 kgs! It has been a life changing experience and I’m still going strong. Thank you BOUNCE” – Janka, a happy BOUNCE-FIT customer.”

BOunce fit session

R80 per person

bounce fit high performance academy

R550 starting price per person

Perfect for a sport team looking to transform their players into champions with an effective, dedicated fitness regime. This 8 week progressive program is designed to align with your exact coaching objectives and is expertly hosted by your own rebound exercise specialist.

BOUNCE-FIT corporate wellness

Price on request

Looking to incorporate a fitness regime in your workplace schedule but don’t have the facilities? BOUNCE can create a program for your team that fits your needs and budget.

Fun In Fitness

No more moans and groans at practice… Your team will benefit from rebound exercise while having a blast at the same time (they won’t even realise it!)

cardio trampoline fitness icon

 Brain Benefits

  • Helps combat anxiety and stress
  • Stimulates brain cells and releases endorphins
  • Improves mood and sleeping patterns
  • Influences positive emotional responses
  • Helps to increase the circulation of oxygen around the body, increasing alertness and improving mental performance
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A World-Class Workout

Trampolining is not only fun, but will enhance overall co-ordination, strength, flexibility, timing & balance. You can also count on increased cardiovascular performance, massive core strength gains and increased muscle tone.

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Promotes Team Spirit

What better way to boost team morale and infuse team unity than through a high intensity, fun fitness session at BOUNCE?!

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Vertical motion workouts such as rebounding or simply jumping up and down on a trampoline are much more beneficial and efficient than horizontal motion workouts, such as jogging or running.