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B-Fit High Performance Academy

Transform your sports teams into champions with the new B-Fit High Performance Academy schools program. A fully inclusive 8-week program for sports teams across all sporting codes. Get B-Fit with us and gear your team for exceptional performance!


What is B-Fit High Performance Academy?

The B-Fit High Performance Academy is a curriculum program for primary, secondary and tertiary schools and teams developed in collaboration with our BOUNCE Fit trampoline exercise program. The program meets the requirements of the Movement & Physical Activity, and Personal, Social & Community Health strands of the Australian Curriculum. B-Fit High Performance Academy brings to life the fun and engaging side to becoming better, stronger and more conditioned athletes in an ever-growing world of competition.

B-Fit High Performance Academy is an inclusive program for all, no matter what a child’s skill level. Lesson plans incorporate activities as well as exercises and drills to add maximum value to your session.

Class details:

  • Trampoline safety orientation session
  • Pre and post program fitness testing for all participants
  • 6 x 60min weekly fitness sessions at our world-class venues
  • A pair of official BOUNCE grip socks per participant
  • Flexible delivery options. Choose a time and venue that best suits your schedule
  • Mininum 10 participants
  • R500 per person for 8-week program

An 8-week sport specific training program designed to improve fitness, strength, explosive power & motor skills

Fun In Fitness

No more moans and groans at practice… Your team will benefit from rebound exercise while having a blast at the same time (they won’t even realise it!)

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 Brain Benefits

  • Helps combat anxiety and stress
  • Stimulates brain cells and releases endorphins
  • Improves mood and sleeping patterns
  • Influences positive emotional responses
  • Helps to increase the circulation of oxygen around the body, increasing alertness and improving mental performance
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A World-Class Workout

Trampolining is not only fun, but will enhance overall co-ordination, strength, flexibility, timing & balance. You can also count on increased cardiovascular performance, massive core strength gains and increased muscle tone.

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Promotes Team Spirit

What better way to boost team morale and infuse team unity than through a high intensity, fun fitness session at BOUNCE?!

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Vertical motion workouts such as rebounding or simply jumping up and down on a trampoline are much more beneficial and efficient than horizontal motion workouts, such as jogging or running.


  1. What are participants learning during their B-FIT High-Performance Academy sessions? This 8-week sport specific program is designed to improve fitness, strength, motor skills as well as enhance team unity, in a fun and monitored environment. Classes can vary in intensity and our in-house fitness professionals will design a program that specifically aligns with your coaching objectives and your team’s fitness needs for the season.
  2. How many participants can sign up for the program? Waterfall Lifestyle Centre Min – 10 attendees Max – 15 attendees Menlyn Maine Min – 10 attendees Max – 30 attendees Fourways Mall Min – 10 attendees Max – 30 attendees
  3. When do classes take place? You are able to select a time and day of the week that best suits your team training schedule. Classes are available Monday – Friday and are subject to availability at the time of enquiring.
  4. How many fitness coaches are in each class? Depending on the number of attendees – classes can have up to 2 BOUNCE coaches per class. Each team will receive a designated BOUNCE coach throughout the program to maximize personal fitness progression.
  5. How much does the program cost? The full 8 week program costs R500 per attendee.
  6. Must team coaches join in on classes? We will design the program to align with your coaching objectives, so we encourage you to come along and watch your team in action! However, you can sit back and enjoy a coffee while our dedicated staff take care of your team.
  7. Do I need a towel and water? A towel is compulsory and water is important – so bring your own drink bottles or you can buy a bottle of water from our tuck-shop.