BOUNCE Fit class in progress

Menlyn Maine

Stefan Steenkamp

Stefan, our aspiring Olympian, is currently the South Africa National 3-meter Springboard Champion and besides being a formidable diver, he’s pretty mean on a trampoline too.

Stefan has a passion for fitness and with his yoga background, he strongly promotes the Mind, Body, Soul connection and encourages his class participants to listen to their bodies, but to know when to push that little bit harder, and challenge themselves. Stefan’s energy, enthusiasm and passion is contagious and he loves getting to know each and every member of his class. We’ll be looking out for Stefan at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

Lauren McAlister

Lauren’s love for sports, obstacle races and people has driven her to become a BOUNCE Fit instructor.

Her classes are great fun and challenging at the same time. Her beliefs in all things sport fixate the 4 fundamentals in all her classes namely cardio, strength, flexibility and balance to keep the participants on their toes while having heaps of fun!

According to Lauren, “If you are looking to be a happier and healthier you, I’m here to help you reach your personal fitness goals.”

Chani Giles

My classes offer a holistic approach to a Bounce Fit lifestyle, they are always high energy, I am constantly keeping it fresh and fun for all ages and skill levels.
I strongly believe that a healthy body results in a healthy mind, and it doesn’t get much better than achieving it on a trampoline.

Come join my classes and experience how your agility, balance, core strength and wellbeing will improve from day one.

“Don’t wish for a good body… work for it”

Waterfall Lifestyle Centre

Nhlanhla Moela

If you’re looking for a fun-filled workout no matter your fitness level, you should join my class!

“My workouts are all about targeting your core, conditioning your muscles and strengthening your all-round tone and shape!”

Whether you’re looking to increase muscular endurance, sports conditioning or simply looking for an alternative way to get fit, this class is tailor-made just for you!

Fourways Mall

Tshina Mdau

I am newest edition to the team in Fourways. As a professional netballer, and enjoy making my classes as exciting on the tramps as I would on the netball field.

In my classes you will achieve impressive results and have fun doing just that! We will work on strength, endurance and overall body improvement.

Bianca Van Zyl

My classes offer fitness as the key element within any range of ability. You’ll be challenged to become a better BOUNCER – first learning the basics and then progressing as you attend more and more BOUNCE Fit classes.

Toning, exercising and strengthening the core is essential for better movement in everyday life. These will be strong focal points in my classes.

Tammy Weatherilt

My classes always offer something new and innovative, using the whole BOUNCE arena as a playground for fitness. People exercise for a range of reasons but regardless, exercise should be fun and enjoyed and we make that possible here at BOUNCE.

I work with your skill level and progress on that every week. My classes are amazing for toning, strength and overall endurance. Every week is a new challenge so come join me!

Cornubia Mall

Jan-Hendrik Van Niekerk

Jan (AKA Jan-Ninja) is a no pain, no gain kind of guy! Jan believes in pushing himself hard to achieve the results he wants. His love of all sports, especially rugby and waterpolo motivated him to study Exercise Science and personal training and to further pursue his fitness goals.

Jan’s classes focus on pure strength and resistance training with lots of bouncing too! Jan’s classes will be sure to sculpt, shape and define those bodies.