Oratile Ditshwene

What do you get when you put a human being and a trampoline together?! Versatility at its finest!

You are simply doing your mind and body a favour by discovering abilities about yourself you never thought you had. We are gonna be taking a look at strength, explosiveness, conditioning of the body and most importantly enjoyment from a whole different angle!

Put yourself to the test and evolve efficiently.

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Marta Amrozinski

You are one workout away from being in a good mood! My classes are a high energy, fun-filled hour that will get you happily sweating. My workouts vary from toning, strengthening and conditioning your muscles to achieve the body YOU’VE always wanted. I like to include cardiovascular training mixed with muscular endurance and strengthening. I am passionate about fitness and making sure everybody is having a great fitness session. Let me help you reach your fitness goals.

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