Nhlanhla Moela

If you’re looking for a fun-filled workout no matter your fitness level, you should join my class!

My workouts are all about targeting your core, conditioning your muscles and strengthening your all-round tone and shape. Whether you’re looking to increase muscular endurance, sports conditioning or simply looking for an alternative way to get fit, this class is tailor-made just for you!

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Bianca Van Zyl

My classes offer fitness as the key element within any range of ability. You’ll be challenged to become a better BOUNCER – first learning the basics and then progressing as you attend more and more BOUNCE Fit classes.

Toning, exercising and strengthening the core is essential for better movement in everyday life. These will be strong focal points in my classes.

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Jayson Goldberg

My classes have a lot of energy, are fun, explosive and tempo-driven.

Expect anything from medicine balls to exercise bands. I’ll help you to strengthen, stretch and tone, while developing co-ordination and proprioception. I love helping people along with their fitness journey.

“I find I learn as much from the people who participate in my classes as they do from me.” ~ Jayson Goldberg

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