Save 5% on every online booking you make when using Contactable. 

So what is Contactable? It’s the coolest and easiest way to stay in contact with BOUNCE. Find out all you need to know about Contactable here 

Some other solid reasons why you need Contactable: 

1. Connected for life:

Once Clinked (connected and linked) with BOUNCE your device will automatically update itself with our details if they ever changed.

2. Stay in control:

If your Number, Email, or Physical Address details change, all it takes is a click of a button, UPDATE, and all your contact details will automatically update your details with us instantly.

3. Easily restore:

Bought a new phone with a different operating system? Phone broken or stolen? Changed network? No problem, Contactable is completely cross platform and service provider compatible. Download the App, log in, press ‘Update’ and all your Clinked BOUNCE BUDDIES will automatically be added to your device’s address book.

4. Stay unique:

A C-Tag™ is a personal signature that is used to share all your contact details (you select what details you share). It’s unique to every individual and don’t forget you can customise it as well.

5. Simple to use:

There are 5 convenient ways to share your contact details with BOUNCE: C-Tag, Near Me, Email, and SMS.

BUT the main reason why you should register now is because BOUNCE Inc will be using Contactable to make big announcements, run competitions and share coupons. Make sure you don’t miss out and suffer a bad case of #FOMO!!! Don’t forget to Clink with us using C-Tag * and then select what information you would like us to keep you in the loop with. 

5% booking discount is valid for your first hour for General Access, Student and Junior Jumpers sessions!  Not applicable to Group bookings.