All of our packages include…

  • 2 hours of free-jumping mayhem followed by 45 minutes access to your very own party room
  • A dedicated party host to guide you through all the action – including X-Park, dodgeball, slam dunk, the Free-Jumping arena and the Big Bag
  • A bottle of water for all party guests
  • Official BOUNCE grips socks for everyone
  • A FREE Mon-Fri pass for the party host’s next visit
  • Note: Off The Wall Parties must be booked and 50% paid more than seven days before your desired date
  • Off The Wall Parties available from 3pm onwards only
  • Minimum 10 jumpers required for all party packages

Off The Wall Parties

Ideally suited for jumpers aged 12yrs and older, Off The Wall parties at Fourways Mall are the best fun your guests will ever experience! We’ll be on hand to do everything for you. Your guests will jump for 2 hours, before heading to one of our awesome chill rooms where they’ll fill up with pizzas and other great party snacks pre-booked ahead of time.

In addition to a world full of trampolines, guests get their own awesome party host to supervise activities and make sure everyone has a great time. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive wallrunning lesson from your host, who’ll show you the basics, before you show off your skills! Get involved, book now and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as you take flight with our epic Off The Wall parties!

BOUNCE Fourways Off The Wall party:

R240 per person (Off peak – Sun to Fri)

R260 per person (On peak – Saturdays)

Choose your favourite Col’cacchio pizza & party extras below:

Off The Wall pizzas:

(Serves 3 to 5 people, 500mm x 200mm)

Margherita pizza


A crispy tomato base pizza with mozzarella cheese & herbs

Margherita pizza

Regina pizza


A crispy tomato base pizza with a ham & mushroom topping

Regina pizza - ham & mushroom

Esotica pizza


A crispy tomato base pizza with a ham & pineapple topping

Esotica pizza - Ham & Pineapple

Chicken & Crispy Onion pizza


A crispy tomato base pizza with a chicken & onion topping

Chicken & Crispy Onion pizza

Party extras

Extra sweets pack: R40 (Speckled Eggs, Smarties or Aero, assorted mini sweets & 2-finger Kit Kat)
BOUNCE Sticker: R10
BOUNCE Wristband: R12
BOUNCE Bottle: R100
BOUNCE Balloon: R15
BOUNCE Party Bag 1: R30 (includes wristband and stickers)
BOUNCE Party Bag 2: R135 (includes wristband, stickers, and BOUNCE bottle)

Birthday cakes

Ice-Cream Cake: R410 (serves up to 15 kids)
Chocolate Cake: R210 (serves approximately 20 kids)


Serve approx. 8-10 people. For full description, click here.

Mini Wrap Platter: R465
Mini Filled Croissant Platter: R465
Sandwich Platter: R365
Mini Donut Platter: R415
Mini Cupcakes: R415
Assorted Biscuits: R415
Fruit Platter: R450
Sweet Platter: R415
Veggie Platter: R365
Hot Snack Platter: R480
Cold Snack Platter: R480

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