Please note that we still have limited capacity due to Lockdown Restrictions
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A BOUNCE referee interacting with a Junior Jumper

Junior Jumpers

It’s never too early to get the mini bouncers involved! Make your kids part of the tribe and get them bouncing during our dedicated Junior Jumper hours.

There are no age restrictions, but in order to ensure the safety of our bouncers, Junior Jumpers must be able to walk unassisted and must be under 125cms.


Junior Jumper sessions are designed with your little ones in mind. Let them go bananas in the Free-Jump Arena, land soft in our giant Big Air Bag or try battling their mates in Dodgeball.

Whatever part of our Adrenaline Playground they choose, it’ll be pure awesomeness in the safest possible environment.

*NOTE: Junior Jumpers will not be able to access certain areas of the venue, such as the High Performance and X-Park areas, due to safety and height restrictions. These areas are more technically challenging and not suitable for children who do not meet the minimum height restriction of 125cm.










  1. A Junior Jumper is any child who can walk unassisted and is under 125cm in height.
  2. School Term: Mon-Fri Open-6pm School Term: Weekends Open-2pm School & Public Holidays: Mon-Fri Open-2pm School & Public Holidays: Weekends Open-2pm
  3. Junior Jumpers can run wild in the Big Bag, Slam Dunk, Dodgeball and Free Jump areas.
  4. It’s not safe for adults or anyone over 125cm in height to jump with the little ones as young children aren’t as aware of their surroundings.
  5. Unfortunately any children under 125cm in height who are not booked within the specified Junior Jumper hours will have to pay full General Admission prices and will be jumping with older customers. Our venues will not be able to allow dedicated areas for Junior Jumpers to be separated from the rest of the customers.
  6. These are the best hours for the mini bouncers to get the most out of their sessions. The customer demographic is younger making it safer for them to get their jump on.