Rockstars is an action packed term-based, 10-week program, created for children who want to develop their climbing skills in a positive and fun environment.

Ideally suited for kids aged 6-9 & 10-13 years, Rockstars encourages kids to negotiate obstacles, which exercises the brain, and improves gross motor skills as each requires the practice of quick, instinctive decision making.

Subsequently, confidence, creativity and a positive attitude are developed, all while having loads of fun!

Class Details

Venues: The Rockstars Program will only be running at BOUNCE Fourways
Start Date: Monday, 24 July 2017
Fees: R1000 (Members get up to 30% off… More Info about Memberships)

Class Timetable

  • Monday: 4pm-5pm
  • Tuesday: 12pm-1pm & 5pm-6pm

What will kids learn during their Rockstars classes?


Rockstars encourages kids to negotiate obstacle, which excercises the brain, and improves gross motor skills as BOUNCE Rockstars ensures the practice of quick and instinctive decision making.

Subsequently, confidence and positive attitude are developed, while having loads of fun!

How many participants are there in each class?

The ratio of coaches to kids is 1:6. There will be at least 1 trained Rockstars coach for every 6 kids in the class, with a maximum of 6 kids in the class.

How many coaches are there in each class?

Depending on the number of kids, classes will have p to 2 coaches per class (ratio of coaches to kids 1:6).

Do parents need to join in with the classes?

Parents are more than welcome to come along and watch, but if parents are also keen to strap on a harness and join in the fun, they must be registered with the program.

Do I have to sign up for a whole term or can I just do a casual class with my child every now and then?

BOUNCE Rockstars classes run for a term and participants should book in for the whole term. No casual Rockstars classes are offered as participants benefit from the regularity of classes and consistency of coaches.

How long does each class go for?

Each BOUNCE Rockstars class lasts 60 minutes.

Can my child’s sibling(s) join in?

Siblings can only participate if they are 6 years of age or older and have been enrolled in the Rockstars program.