partner terms & conditions

Nu Metro Cinema

  1. Applicable to 2D/3D/VIP only. Excludes Xtreme and 4DX tickets
  2. Tickets must be purchased together in order to redeem the Free ticket – cannot be used separately
  3. Tickets may only be purchased by individuals and not corporates.
  4. The benefit is not transferable and may not be used by anyone other than you, as depicted by the name on the card/tag.
  5. Free ticket is not exchangeable for cash
  6. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  7. Each card is valid for four people (the cardholder and 3 guests) for any movie that does not have a complimentary restriction.
  8. Each movie can only be seen once.
  9.  Nu Metro Cinemas reserves the right to ask for identification from the patron who presents the card/tag.
  10.  Should management become aware of a benefit being abused, the directors of Nu Metro Cinemas reserve the right to withdraw the card.
  11.  Please be aware that due to the large demand on our films during opening week, the benefit is valid from the films’ second week of release.  Please ask our cinema staff, who will be happy to assist you and point out which films are still restricted.  Please pay particular attention to this to avoid any embarrassment.
  12.  The use of this benefit is valid only at Nu Metro Cinema Cornubia ticket counters.  The card cannot be used for telephonic or online bookings.
  13.  The directors of Nu Metro Cinemas reserve the right to cancel this card at their discretion at any time.

Plan B Dessertery

  1. The discount is only applicable to the food and beverage purchased by and for the holder of the Unlimited Pass.
  2. This does not extend to food and beverage purchased for friends, only members associated with the Unlimited Pass. 


  1. The offering is limited to the registered membership holder and subject to availability. 
  2. No bookings required and additional games or add ons at displayed pricing. 

Wicked Carting

  1. Only on 5-minute races for the card holder.
  2. 30% discount is for unlimited races for the year, card holders can do as many races as they wish and will receive the discount every time.
  3. Must be 9/10 years old in order to partake in Wicked Carting due to safety reasons.
  4. Right to refuse entrance based on ability, bad driving or putting others at risk.
  5. Entrants race at their own risk, will have to sign an indemnity form and take note of indemnities before racing.


  1. R50 discount on a bill of R200 or more.
  2. Limited to one R50 discount per table.

The Gold Bar

  1. Offer valid for 1 year from date of Unlimited Pass purchase