lady smiling on trampoline


BOUNCE is about a lot more than trampolines.

BOUNCE is a place that creates and celebrates joy, fun and self-powered adrenaline. We are part of a global freestyle movement inspiring self-expression and human connection in physical activity.

Through a unique blend of fun, freestyle, progression and development, BOUNCE is a place to develop and harness balance, coordination and agility.

Our Purpose is to ‘Inspire movement, self expression & human connection’. 

We aim to be a loved destination for the families, schools and young people, who come to BOUNCE to learn new skills, awaken confidence and just let go. It’s about inspiring everyone to forget the serious stuff for a while and get immersed in an atmosphere of fun.

Across different countries, cultures, ages and skill levels we are growing an inclusive tribe. Our tribe is unified around the feeling of freedom that comes from combining balance, coordination, strength and agility just for fun. We call it freestyle.

Each BOUNCE trampoline centre is an Adrenaline Playground comprising around 3,000 square meters of interconnected indoor trampolines, adventure features, padding and airbags.

In 2012 we opened our first venue in Melbourne and BOUNCE now operates in more than 33 indoor trampoline centres across 16 countries. We welcome around 4 million customers each year and have hosted more than 100,000 kid’s birthday parties.

BOUNCE has a diverse customer base that ranges from pre-schoolers and teenagers, to elite athletes and corporate groups.

Our trampolines, padding and air bags create the perfect playground to develop and practice your skills. Whether you’re trying to master your first flip into the Big Bag or learning how to run The Wall, it’s the ultimate environment to get a taste of Freestyle! 


We are obsessed with customer service. We search the world for the most passionate, friendly and inspiring staff to help deliver a truly awesome customer experience at our trampoline centres.

BOUNCE Hosts are trained around our philosophy of inspiring movement, self-expression and human connections. 

“The world is facing some big challenges that stem from physical inactivity and social disconnection. We have seen the positive power of our staff to inspire young people to move their bodies, express themselves and connect with each other in ways that can have a transformational impact on their lives.”
Ant Morell, Co-Founder.

Our Hosts are the human manifestation of the BOUNCE brand! From Australia to Sweden, Portugal to South Africa, we have sought out the most special human beings on the planet to be our hosts.

Let’s take it next level!