freestyle academy WORKSHOPS

The BOUNCE Freestyle Academy is a series of workshops that cover a wide range of Trampoline and Freestyle skills, ranging from beginner to advanced moves. Participants must be 7yrs or older and be taller than 125cm.


Fourways Mall and Menlyn Maine


30 June 2022 | 7 July 2022 | 14 July 2022


9:00am – 12:00pm

basic structure

  • Participants must be 7yrs or older and be taller than 125cm. 
  • Coach to participant ratio= 1:8 
  • Duration = 3hrs (with 30-minute refreshment break) 
  • Max 16 participants
  • Includes BOUNCE Grip Socks

Freestyle Academy Workshop – Flips and Flops
30 June 2022
(Beginner) This workshop focuses on a variety of flips and saults, including back & front drops, saults and swivel hips. It will also include an introduction to Wall running! The workshop is open to people of all skill levels, as participants will progress at their own rate.

Freestyle Academy Workshop – Wall Running
7 July 2022

Defy gravity and impress your friends by running up vertical walls of different heights. 

Freestyle Academy Workshop – Freestyle With A Twist
14 July 2022

(Intermediate) This workshop focuses on the complete spectrum of twisting moves on the trampoline, you’ll progress from ½ and full twists into more complex moves like the Cat Twist, Ball out and Barani. 

Freestyle Academy Holiday Camp (3 Days)
11 – 13 July 2022

A 3 day Holiday program, participants in both BOUNCE Squad & Flight Squad Holiday Camp receive a 3 hour session every day to develop their skills. This includes one hour of dedicated coaching time, one hour to practice their technique and some Freestyle Time.

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