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Clip 'n Climb View

Clip ‘n Climb

Exclusive to BOUNCE Fourways, Clip ‘n Climb is a first of it’s kind in South Africa. One of the most fun indoor rock climbing venues around.

This epic urban playground is designed to allow the easiest & most accessible way to experience the extreme world of rock climbing, but with safety and fun top priority. Whether you’re an experienced climber looking for a new challenge, or a first-timer keen to try something brand new, Clip ‘n Climb is the way to go!

What is Clip ‘n Climb?

Featuring more than 20 different levels of difficulty to allow for personal progression and creative expression, Clip ‘n Climb will have you smiling and having a great time, while giving a full-body workout as you navigate your way up the wall.

Ultimately, the aim is to get from the bottom of each wall to the top in the fastest and most awesome way possible!

key features

  • First developed and later introduced in New Zealand between 2004 & 2006
  • Inspired by a desire to expand on the core experience of BOUNCE – a brand new category of action to revolutionize indoor climbing
  • Incorporates more than 20 different designs and climbing challenges with varying routes for beginners through to experts
  • Over 50 Clip ‘n Climb centres worldwide – delivering WOW experiences & healthy challenging fun

Physical Benefits

  • Clip ‘n Climb encompasses total-body exercise, requiring agility, co-ordination and work from all the muscles.
  • The actions develop core strength, stronger bones and promotes cardiovascular endurance, leading to increased fitness and stamina.
  • The health benefits of Clip ‘n Climb are not only limited to the body. Negotiating the obstacles exercises the brain, as each requires the practice of quick, instinctive decision-making. Subsequently, confidence, creativity and a positive attitude are acquired.

Safety Rules

  • AGE Limit: 3 Years Old
  • Climbers must be able to walk unassisted
  • Only attempt obstacles within your skill level
  • Lace-up sports shoes must be worn in the Clip ‘n Climb area. 
  • Shoe laces must be tied securely
  • Watch out for other participants at all times to ensure safety
  • Climbers must fit safely in a harness
  • Climber must have harness checked before climbing
  • Climber must attend Safety Briefing before climbing
  • No flip-flops or open toe shoes

clip ‘n climb is available at the following venues:

Fourways Mall


  1. BOUNCE has created the ultimate adrenaline playground! Each Clip ‘n Climb wall/theme requires a different skill, as well as agility, creating an active and thrilling experience full of fun and adrenaline for everyone.

    A continuously transforming adventure, it is a physical and mental challenge for all ages starting from pre-school kids aged around 3 and up. Each attraction is equipped with TrueBlu™ automatic belay devices which take in the slack as you climb and then lower you gently and safely down to the ground.

    The area incorporates more than 21 different climbing walls, comprising varying routes for beginner to advanced climbers. Participants will have their speed, agility, endurance, upper and lower body strength tested as they either freestyle their way up each wall, or race against the clock!

  2. The minimum age to access the Clip ‘n Climb area is 3 years old. However, all participants must be able to fit into a safety harness. If a 3 year old is too small to fit into a safety harness, the participant will unfortunately not be able to use the area. Some obstacles inside the Clip ‘n Climb area require a minimum height of 125cm tall. These obstacles require strength, speed and agility and may not be suitable for kids under the height of 125cm.

  3. Yes. The Clip ‘n Climb ticket is a separate ticket allowing access only to this area and NOT to the trampoline area. Note: A combo ticket can be purchased to allow access to both Clip ‘n Climb & trampoline areas. Admission to the Clip ‘n Climb operates the same as all other areas at BOUNCE and has a defined capacity to ensure safety and a great experience for all customers. Please note that during busy times, there may be a wait.

  4. Climbers must attend the Safety Briefing before climbing. The area is there to be explored in different ways. Whether you’re an experienced climber, or a first-timer, take your time and have a blast!

    All climbers must fit safely into a harness, which must be worn for the duration of the time spent in the Clip ‘n Climb area.

  5. Yes! COMBO Parties can be booked which allows you to BOUNCE on our trampolines and have a Clip n Climb Session, followed by 45mins in a private party room where catering (pre-booked by you) will be enjoyed.