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Visit sacoronavirus.co.za for official COVID-19 information or click here for further BOUNCE safety updates.

Please Note that our venues are sold out in certain sizes of our BOUNCE Grip Socks. This is due to shipping constraints over the festive season. Please bring your pair of BOUNCE Grip Socks with you for your BOUNCE Session.

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Our entire venue is cleaned throughout the day and relevant areas are regularly disinfected. All staff have been trained in additional hygiene management and social distancing. While reduced capacity restrictions apply, adults accompanying children will need to comply with some temporary capacity management measures.

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We recommend that all sessions are booked online due to our COVID venue capacity restrictions.

BOUNCE Inc is a place where you can have fun, learn new skills and express yourself. We are part of the global Freestyle movement inspiring you to move, connect and develop as part of our BOUNCE Tribe.

Our venues offer awesome activities for everyone, from preschoolers in our Junior Jumper areas learning the fundamentals of movement to freestyle athletes taking on our X-Park adventure challenge course.