Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We have 3 in South Africa (Cornubia Mall – Durban, Fourways Mall – Johannesburg & Menlyn Maine – Pretoria).

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  2. What is the size and age limit? One of the great things about trampolining is that anyone can do it, from young children to their parents and even grandparents. However to ensure everyone is safe, we do have age and size limits designed to make sure big people don’t accidentally bump into small people. For all ticket types, with the exception of Junior Jumpers and JJ Parties, bouncers must be taller than our minimum height restriction of 125cm. At our Junior Jumper Area, there is no minimum age but in order to ensure the safety of our bouncers, children must be able to walk unassisted and under 125cm in height.

  3. We would suggest booking your session in advance as we cannot guarantee availability if you arrive at one of our venues without a booking. You can book your session via

  4. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards, so its easy to book in advance. If you are unable to book online then you can make a booking over the counter however by not booking in advance you run the risk of missing out or waiting for a session with available space.
  5. All bookings are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you have further concerns about this please contact us 011 517 2500 or email [email protected]
  6. Check your closest venue for opening times. We recommend arriving 15 min prior to booked time to check in.

  7. Give us a call on 011 517 2500 to speak to a BOUNCE customer service team member.
  8. Sessions for jumpers over 125cm in height are available all hours. Access all area’s subject to availability – The performance area is restricted to jumpers over 125cm in height and who have the required skills to use the olympic trampolines and The Wall.

    For jumpers who can walk unassisted but are under 125cm in height (usually under 6 years old). Available to book only where JJ symbol is displayed. Junior Jumpers can access most areas and have a dedicated section in the free jumping arena. For their safety, this area is restricted to jumpers under 125cm only. Click here for more info!

    Discounted 2-hour sessions mean you double your jump-time at a fraction of the price. Click here for more info!

  9. We recommend athletic clothing with some stretch. Baggy jeans are fine or tracksuit pants and long sleeve shirts are recommended. BOUNCE socks with grip are compulsory to avoid slipping. These are added to your admission fee the first time you visit BOUNCE and are then yours to keep to be used again at all subsequent visits. Please contact us on 011 517 2500 to find out about change room availability at your chosen venue.
  10. Due to our food health & safety policy, no self-catering is allowed.
  11. BOUNCE has paid secure lockers available at each venue.
  12. Yes – A discount applies for any booking of 10 or more people. Click here for prices.

  13. Yes. Our BOUNCE Inc Digital Gift of flight Gift Cards are the ultimate gift for birthdays, Christmas or for anyone wanting to get airborne! To purchase a Gift of Flight Digital Gift Card, click here. You can also contact us 011 517 2500.
  14. This area is recommended for experienced jumpers only, patrons must be over 125cm in height to use the performance trampolines.
  15. Please call our Contact Centre crew on 011 517 2500 during the following hours: Mon to Fri: 9am – 16:30pm Sat: 9am – 1pm Alternatively send us an email to [email protected]
  16. Yes. Trampolining is one of the best form of exercise there is! Click here for the health benefits of trampolining.

  17. Safety is the number one priority at BOUNCE. For details see the safety section.