Boost your mood at Bounce Inc. and say goodbye to the blues!

Besides burning fat, boosting your metabolism and working just about every cell and muscle in your body, did you know that bouncing on a trampoline also has incredible benefits for your brain and mental frame of mind?

When you bounce on a trampoline, your entire body works twice as hard to defy gravity as well as the forces of acceleration and deceleration, and this has a positive impact on every cell, muscle and organ in your body. This is because the act of bouncing helps to speed up the circulation of oxygen around the body, which increases alertness and helps to improve mental performance. In fact, one of the most beneficial ways to move your body for better brain health is to bounce on a trampoline! Who would have thought something so simple could be so powerful for the human body…

And the best part? Bouncing is fun! You can’t help but smile when you jump – which makes it an excellent activity to help alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Here are just a few more ways that bouncing has a positive effect on brain health:

  • Jumping improves the quality of relaxation and sleep. And, did you know that good sleep helps to remove toxins in your brain that build up while you’re awake? The more you sleep, the sharper your mind – and exercise helps to improve sleep quality.
  • Just a few minutes of bouncing improves the ability to concentrate, focus and solve problems.
  • Bouncing can also improve memory and learning abilities. This is due to the improved oxygenation of cells throughout your body and brain which allows for increased memory retention and learning capacity. Bonus!
  • Bouncing allows you the chance to take time out for yourself and boost your confidence as you learn new ways of bouncing and moving without limitations.
  • The act of bouncing in all directions improves coordination between the proprioceptors in the joints, the transmission of nerve impulses to and from the brain, plus the transmission of nerve impulses and responsiveness of the muscle fibres in your body.
  • Experts have also noted that bouncing helps to stabilise the entire nervous system. This is wonderful for both adults and children as it helps to bring down cortisol levels and increase your ability to deal with environmental, physical, emotional and mental stress. It’s an extremely ‘grounding’ activity for children of all ages who struggle with sensory processing issues.
  • Vigorous exercise (such as trampolining) plays a major role in balancing hormones and boosting critical neurotransmitters responsible for our emotional wellbeing.
  • The combination of fun exercise with the release of endorphins through physical activity can help you to gain more perspective, feel better about life in general and simply let go!

And, even more astoundingly, bouncing regularly can help decrease or alleviate the symptoms of these diseases and conditions:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Autism
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Dementia
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Learning disabilities

Bouncing helps to fit all your wellbeing ‘puzzle pieces’ together…

How? Well, this fun, yet effective activity encourages a healthier diet, (those who exercise regularly tend to eat more nutrient-dense foods), improves sleep habits and reduces overall stress levels. This, in turn is brilliant for brain health because we need to eat well, sleep more and stress less to feel our best!

Customer Testimonials

here is what some of our customers had to say: 

Wellness and fitness expert, Lisa Raleigh has chosen rebounding as her number 1 exercise of choice. And, not just for the tremendous physical benefits, but for the mental benefits too.

“As a busy working mom, wife and entrepreneur, my schedule is pretty jam packed but I make sure I never miss my weekly Bounce Fit class,” she says. This means waking up at 6am on the weekend to get to class on time, but Lisa finds bouncing so invigorating and stress-relieving, “It’s like my happy pill,” she laughs! “I can leave my stresses at the door and just bounce, laugh and sweat without a single worry. Just 50 minutes helps me to feel more positive, energised and ready to tackle whatever’s in my diary for the week ahead,” she adds.


Bounce Inc. is the first and largest trampoline park in SA with the best fitness classes for everyone. Thanks to a winning combo of funky fitness soundtracks, specialised fitness trainers and moves geared to really get you moving – you can’t help but experience those “feel-good” endorphins every time you bounce. Whether you’re into high intensity interval training, functional weight training or low-impact, steady-state cardio moves, there’s a class waiting for you.

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  1. Yes, but classes have limited capacity so it’s always best to book in advance.
  2. Click Book Now to book online & look for the BOUNCE Fit icon.
  3. Athletic clothing with some stretch. You’re going to get sweaty so bring a towel! Please contact us on 011 517 2500 / 012 942 1117 to find out about change room availability at your chosen venue.
  4. BOUNCE has open cube lockers and paid lockable lockers available at each venue. Valuables should always be placed in lockable lockers or left with someone who is not jumping.
  5. Absolutely not. Your BOUNCE Fit instructor will help you learn basic jumping skills and have the ability to tailor sessions to suit all abilities. If you’re new to BOUNCE Fit, try our ‘Original’ class where you’ll learn the basics of all three class types (Move, Core & Blast)
  6. Physical exercise is super fun, but may increase the chance of injury. If you don’t regularly participate in an active exercise program, we recommend you get a physical from your GP before you bounce, to ensure you are ready for action.
  7. A towel is compulsory. A drink bottle is highly recommended. Although water fountains are available, BOUNCE does not provide towels or drink bottles at the venue.