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Movement based program for ages 3-6

miniBOUNCE is a movement program specifically designed for 3–6 year old pre-schoolers, incorporating the unique fun and physical health benefits of trampolining. Help your kids build self-expression, confidence and skills on and off the trampolines! Classes are structured to develop kids socially, physically, emotionally and cognitively.

What is miniBOUNCE?

  • miniBOUNCE is a movement program specifically designed for 3–6 year old pre-schoolers
  • Incorporates the unique fun and physical health benefits of trampoline living
  • Help your kids build self-expression, confidence and skills on and off the trampolines!
  • Hosted & supervised by specially trained BOUNCE coaches
  • Kids have fun in a safe, multi-sensory environment
  • Classes are structured to develop kids socially, physically, emotionally and cognitively.

Term Price

Venues: miniBOUNCE will be running at all BOUNCE venues across Gauteng and KZN
Start Date: TBD
Fees: TBC

Price varies based on term length and can be affected by public holidays.

Please contact us on 011 517 2500 / 012 942 1117
or email [email protected] for info & pricing.

Class details

  • 1 weekly 60 minute class
  • Max 16 kids per class. 1 BOUNCE staff member per 8 children
  • BOUNCE silicone wristband for the child
  • 5 free coffee card for mum or dad

The miniBOUNCE philosophy

  • Positive and fun movement experiences to build self-esteem, self-confidence and a lifelong love of being active
  • Encouraging creative exploration and freedom to discover in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment
  • Utilising play-based learning, incorporating an unique opportunity to connect with coaches, caregivers and importantly other children
  • Developing the whole child’s physical (including gymnastics skills), social/emotional and cognitive skills
  • Opportunity to improve skills and progress at a rate that is right for each child with an appreciation of positive risk taking and encouragement of a growth mindset

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Please note that there will be a price increase on the 1st of December 2019*




The miniBOUNCE team is a selection of the best male and female BOUNCE staff, chosen for their ability to inspire, coach and serve as role models for young children.


BOUNCE is globally recognised as a fun, engaging and developmental environment for kids 3 and up. It’s a great place for parents to relax with a coffee while their kids develop and play. The BOUNCE experience is a unique blend of movement and fun in an atmosphere of high energy and inclusivity.

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  1. miniBOUNCE will teach kids fundamental movement skills to assist them in everyday life. These skills are transferable to other sports and will stand them in good stead should they pursue gymnastics or trampolining further. Kids will learn to:
    • Spring/jump in various ways and directions
    • Land safely
    • Move in lots of different ways (locomotion)
    • Rotate their bodies in space
    • Balance and hold shapes and positions
    • Throw and catch (send and receive) objects
    • Control the fine muscles of their hands and feet
    • Work with others (coach/other children/carers) to learn and grow.
    Each class contains some time for free-play which is important to allow kids to explore, take positive risks and challenge themselves at their own pace. A group activity encourages kids to listen to instructions and work with/alongside others. A developmentally appropriate and engaging circuit of activities help kids to learn new skills whilst simply having fun!
  2. The ratio of coaches to kids is 1:8. There will be at least 1 trained miniBOUNCE coach for every 8 kids in the class, with a maximum of 16 kids in the class.
  3. Depending on the number of kids, classes will have up to 2 coaches per class.
  4. It is highly recommended that parents/care givers of 3-4 year old’s participate with their child. The benefits of adult involvement are substantial and the coach should make every effort to involve the caregivers either directly or indirectly in the growth and development of their child. Parents/care givers of 4-6 year old’s are not required to participate. Kids at this age are encouraged to develop independence and self-help skills (such as asking for help, following instructions).
  5. miniBOUNCE classes run for a term block and kids should book in for the whole term, as they benefit from the regularity of classes and consistency of coaches.
  6. The term fee is based on R100 per week i.e. R1150 for a 10-week term. As well as the weekly miniBOUNCE session, your term fee also includes a 5 free coffee card for mum/dad and a silicone wristband your child.
  7. Siblings can only participate if they are over 3 years of age and have been enrolled in the miniBOUNCE program.
  8. Each miniBOUNCE class lasts for 60 minutes which includes 45 minutes of coached time and 15 minutes of optional free-play at the end of the class.
  9. We understand that every child develops in their own way and at their own rate. Children in the program may have had varying degrees of experience with preschool movement programs, other classes and care outside of the home. With this in mind, 3-4 year old children are encouraged to participate with a carer/care giver to assist them to complete all the activities in a way that benefits the individual child. All children are encouraged to join in with the activities as other children are, particularly the older aged children. However, children who are not yet able/willing to listen to and follow instructions will be helped along the way by our experienced coaches. Above all, the children’s time at miniBOUNCE should be safe and fun!